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Hi, I’m an active, food loving, sports minded, who is now living in Charleston, SC. I’ve always battled with emotional eating. When I’m sad, mad or even happy, I will turn to food as a means to cope or celebrate my emotions. I’m working on my relationship with food to make it less of an emotional connection. How I Got Started I started Grow Healthy Blog to document my journey (If you’re interested in starting a blog yourself, I’d HIGHLY suggest doing so – Here’s my post on how to start a blog). Starting a personal blog was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life to keep myself accountable on my health and it unexpectedly soon turned into quite a lucrative business adventure as well! Anyway, if you’re on the fence of starting your own blog. DO IT!!! A year from now, you’ll wish you started today. Never mind, scratch that, you’ll wish you started yesterday. Moral of the story…best decision I’ve made thus far. Before and After Ugh … this is the HARDEST thing to show to the world!!!!

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